SPRAT Logbooks

 You’ll receive a logbook from SPRAT upon successful completion of your first certification within the SPRAT system. SPRAT does not require you to use the logbook, any formal record meeting Safe Practices for Rope Access Work’s Section 7- Experience Documentation will do just fine. But, if you have a logbook, why would you not use it?

Your logbook entry must provide all of the following information:

  • Date(s) of work – not to exceed two weeks per entry.
  • Employer name.
  • Work details – should include the industry, structure, location, and description of work.
  • Rope access details – shall include the rope access techniques used to complete the work.
  • Rope hours worked – shall be the time spent carrying out rope access tasks including establishing rope access systems, training, working on-rope, and worksite safety management. You should not report more than one hundred hours worked per entry.

You’ll also need verification of hours by another individual, a Rope Access Supervisor, employer, competent trainer, Evaluator, or client. You may also have your entries verified by another member of the rope access work team. You may not self-verify entries in your logbook or experience log.

Individuals verifying rope access hours should provide:

  • Signature
  • Printed name
  • SPRAT number
  • Work title or role
  • Contact details

We recommend you scan a copy of the pages of your logbook as you complete them. Save this electronic version of the logbook to the cloud, on your phone or on a jump drive.


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