IRATA Logbooks

Logbook entry verification signatures and company contact details shall only be provided by the following persons:

  1. An IRATA Level 3 Technician who was directly involved in the supervision of the rope access activities.
  2. A Director, General Manager, Rope Access Manager, or Technical Authority of the rope access company responsible for the undertaking of the rope access activities.
  3. A rope access site Project Manager who is responsible for the project management of the worksite where the rope access activities were undertaken.

Each logbook issued carries a unique serial number.

NOTE This is different from the rope access Technician’s unique IRATA number. For identification purposes, each logbook shall include the rope access Technician’s unique IRATA number and the rope access Technician’s photograph, which shall be signed by themselves.

The logbook shall be used to record the rope access Technician’s experience and training undertaken, including the total hours engaged in rope access, the type and variety of work undertaken, and when the work took place. Rope access Technicians wishing to upgrade to Level 2 or Level 3 cannot be considered for assessment without a correctly maintained and up to date logbook.

All IRATA assessments shall be recorded in the rope access Technician’s logbook. The original course training dates, location, and course title (e.g., Level 2 upgrade) shall be recorded in the boxes provided. Failed assessments shall be recorded in the ‘Record of Training Courses Attended’ section of the candidate’s logbook. The word ‘Fail’ shall be recorded in the box titled ‘Other information’ with the date clearly recorded in the same box. The Assessor shall record their IRATA number and signature in the box titled ‘Training Organization & Course Stamp’.

Work using other harness-based access methods such as fall arrest or work restraint should be recorded but hours logged solely for these methods do not count towards upgrade requirements.

Hours accrued while being trained in rope access should be logged, but do not count towards the working hours required to upgrade.

Hours accrued while working as a rope access Trainer or assistant are considered to be working hours and, therefore, count towards upgrades.

Level 3 rope access Technicians are responsible for the accuracy of their own logbooks. Where possible, they should ask the employer to countersign them. When signing the logbooks of rope access Technicians under their supervision, Level 3 rope access Technicians should ensure entries are completed correctly and logged hours are accurate.

Logbook entries should be made after the end of each period of qualifying rope access activities. These entries shall be legible and made using a ball-point pen in either blue or black ink.

If any rope access Technician loses their logbook, they shall contact IRATA immediately to arrange for a replacement. Technicians shall obtain credible references for all lost logbook hours.

Where lost hours are required to move up a level, e.g., Level 1 to Level 2, the Technician shall obtain credible reference documents to verify the hours in the replacement logbook before training commences. Maintaining a scanned copy of a logbook can facilitate the process of completing a replacement logbook.

Fraudulent misuse or alteration of an IRATA logbook shall result in the suspension or withdrawal of the rope access Technician’s IRATA certification.


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