Pre-requisites for rope access training

Rope access training is hard work, especially along the gulf coast during the summer months. In order to attend a rope access training course at AccessRULES, you must meet the following pre-requisites:

All candidates must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Provide a government issued identification card
  • Sign a release of liability and assumption of risk, and a statement of physical condition
  • Be in good physical and mental condition with no contra-indications such as, but not limited to:
    • Heart disease / chest pain
    • High blood pressure
    • Epilepsy, fits, blackouts
    • Fear of heights
    • Vertigo/ giddiness / difficulty with balance
    • Impaired limb function
    • Alcohol or drug dependence
    • Psychiatric illness / counseling
    • Diabetes

Candidates who may have a contra-indication should consult their physician prior to registering for a course. Additionally, candidates should consult their physician if they are using prescribed medication which may affect their performance during the course. We may be able to provide more information to a physician if necessary.


Each certification scheme has it’s own requisites for advancement or upgrades. Nevertheless, each candidate is expected to be proficient in all practical and theory requirements of their current level of certification prior to attendance of our course. Candidates who are not proficient at their current level should contact us for information regarding refresher training. Attendance at an AccessPLAY event is a great way to receive this refresher training.

Each upgrade candidate shall:

Ensure their current certification is still valid on the planned day of Evaluation.
Provide AccessRULES with a logbook that demonstrates their experience at their current level.

IRATA requires all technicians who are renewing or upgrading their certification submit their completed logbook to us prior to the start of a course. Your reservation will not be confirmed and you will not be able to attend a course until we have validated your logbook.

In order to progress from one level to another, a candidate must provide necessary experience:

  • SPRAT requires 500 hours and 6 months’s experience at the current level.
  • IRATA requires 1000 hours and 12 month’s experience at the current level.

Direct Entry or Conversion

IRATA and SPRAT each have requirements for Direct Entry or Conversion candidates. Please contact us for more information.