Dwight Witter

Dwight has developed a teaching style unlike no other experience, making technical knowledge fun and exciting. Having over 30 years of experience working with service companies, he’s become a recognized leader in our industry. NDT will always be Dwight’s passion, and he’s really, really good at it. He’s also really good at rope access, just the right combination of skills to be expert in a teaching environment. 

​Dwight loves to teach. In fact, he left a great job at one of the world’s largest rope access providers to form a company which teaches NDT to students. After a few years of teaching at ND3, he realized he missed rope access. So, he did what any enterprising young man would do, he started AccessRULES!

​Dwight has been involved with SPRAT for some time now. He is currently the Chair of the Grant committee, a SPRAT and IRATA Level 3, and a SPRAT Evaluator.